Coopedia Knowledge Base

Imagine every bit of co-op knowledge being pulled together into one, super-searchable online database. This was honestly the goal of when the team had originally envisioned it…but that was an undertaking that our budget and timelines couldn’t support. Thankfully, with a little more resources and gusto, the Coopedia Knowledge Base is now in the population and growth phase. View it at:

From the press release from September 2020:

On the 8th of September Cooperatives Europe, as an activity under the ICA-EU Partnership (Coops4dev), released the Coopedia Knowledge Base – a collaborative search engine listing resources (guides, articles, videos, books and more) on cooperative entrepreneurship. 

Developed with cooperators in mind, Coopedia aims to gather the cooperative movement behind its collaborative aspect, giving cooperative experts the opportunity to reference their own resources and build a ‘one-stop shop’ for cooperative knowledge that may typically be scattered around different websites.”