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CHF BC’s 2021 Well-Being Conference

october, 2021

18octalldayCHF BC’s 2021 Well-Being Conference


Event Details

Every year, co-ops celebrate the co-operative values and principles during Co-op Week from October 17 – 23, 2021. 


Come celebrate coop week with us by attending Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia – CHF BC’s 2021 Well-Being Conference.   At this conference we are drilling down to Co-operative Principle #7 – Concern for Community. The pandemic has challenged people and organizations as never before. How have you been affected by this new reality?  How are you coping with the added stress, uncertainty, isolation and loneliness that is being reported more frequently?  Stress caused by the necessary conditions imposed as a response to COVID is rippling through homes, businesses, and communities. 


The sessions being offered in this conference represent an opportunity to focus on the well being of our community and that includes co-ops and other organizations and colleagues that share our person-centred values.


Symptoms of physical illness, COVID or not, are readily diagnosed and treated.  Our mental health and wellbeing is more fragile and more difficult to preserve and protect.  


It is time to be kind to ourselves.  Our conference is spread out over the evenings of co-op week, October 18 – 22.  We hope you can join us.  Register on our website

[From email from Michelle Cooper of CHF BC on October 1)


october 18 (Monday) - 22 (Friday) PDT




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