Global Sociocracy Conference 2022

april, 2022

27apralldayGlobal Sociocracy Conference 2022


Event Details

Presentations and showcases

Speakers will give their perspective on a particular topic, like inner sociocracy, psychological safety, sociocracy and HR, sociocracy and solidarity economy, sociocracy and DAOs, tension-driven management, permaculture.

Then there are showcases where real people from real organizations share their experiences. We’ll have people from

  • IT (Octo)
  • Bioland
  • Danfoss
  • the Community Purchasing Alliance Cooperative,
  • a sustainable development BCorp in Brazil
  • and a case study of a town where sociocracy is implemented with 7500 employees. Wow!

But that’s not all – this year, we’re adding more fun, and turning this day into a sociocracy festival!

Micro training, panels, and activities

During every slot, you can also choose to connect with others by doing short workshops on specific topics, or share your experiences in participatory activities, and listen to lively and meaningful panel discussions.

Some of the offerings:

  • Speed networking
  • Selection process
  • German, French, Swedish language meetups
  • Inner Conditions for Practicing Sociocracy
  • How to run a Peer Support Group Sociocratically
  • A D&D-like game to learn sociocracy
  • Somatic Practices to Embody Facilitator Growth
  • Exploring Power and Transparency in Sociocratic Organizations
  • Playing with sociocracy
  • What can we learn from indigenous cultures to design our organisations?
  • Somatic exercise centering in dignity, safety and belonging
  • Is sociocracy spiritual?
  • Test Arguments Qualify As Objections
  • Empathy Circles

We’re supported by wonderful content sponsors like The Ready, TargetTeal, 10Pines, Roundsky Solutions, and The Sociocracy Consulting Groups. They support us in different ways, like demos of some tech tools that support decentralized organizations (Peerdom and Maptio).

We’ll have big sociocracy names like John Buck, James Priest & Lili David from Sociocracy 3.0, and Rakesh Rootsman Rak and my wonderful SoFA colleagues from all over the world, of course!


In previous years, we’ve had different tracks for different languages – and many of us have longed to be able to hear the other languages’ talks too. That’s why we’re offering live interpretation for many of the talks this year to have one conference with all the voices.

[Details from email March 15, 2022]


All Day (Wednesday)