Free ebook on Co-op Development in Canada

As an international effort to raise awareness and build knowledge about co-ops, the project that you’re visiting right now (of the Association of Cooperative Educators) wants to bring in examples of real-world co-operation that can help folks in those jurisdictions, but also that can inform and be extrapolated into other contexts. Thus, even though this book we’re sharing here is all about the voices, experiences, and examples of co-op development in Canada (mainly authored by independent co-op developers, or players from associations that support co-op development), we think a lot of people could benefit from the various topics. We’ll include screenshots of the table of contents featuring the TOOLS SECTION in particular below, which might stand the test of time (given this publication is from 2007) and then go ahead and click here to download the pdf of the book for free. Enjoy! Comment if this was useful.

Title: Effective Practices in Starting Co-ops

Edited by Joy Emmanuel and Lyn Cayo

Published by New Rochdale Press in 2007