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Simple governance resources

We took you there before but we really want to highlight a section of the Co-op Creator website by Co-operatives First. It’s all about being on a co-op board. If you want to get the very quick rundown about co-op boards and what it means to participate, how they are structures, who does what, etc., this is a very brief article to learn that: Co-operatives First is known for their simple, straightforward resources about co-ops. They appeal to and are accessible to folks who are very new to ‘getting’ what a co-op is.

Now, to continue building your knowledge, take a look at the left menu for info/sample/examples on topics ranging from doing a strategic plan to sample policies There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Go ahead and start here and then see if you might borrow, modify, etc to fit your own organization.

Before you go, don’t forget this site you’re on now – – also has free learning paths of curated co-op governance materials too (in 3 languages!!):




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