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Co-operative Difference Learning Platform: Online walk down “co-op main street”

This free education platform was created by the Canadian Co-operative Association (now the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada) to help people new to co-ops understand them easily in a game-like online environment. Users walk down “co-op main street” to learn about the principles and values, as well as to “visit” real examples of co-ops and see how they work. This can be done in a group or classroom setting with students deciding together which location to visit next (where to click). A log-in is required (set up yourself) and you must “purchase” the “course” even though there is nothing charged at checkout. A visitor can take 30-60 minutes to visit all areas of the virtual tour. The examples are from Canada, although the notion is more broadly applicable.


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Type: Online platform (virtual tour)

Source / Author: Canadian Co-operative Association/CDF

Date: 2012

Language: English

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