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My Co-operative Adventure: Entrepreneurship and Social Studies

My Co-operative Adventure: Entrepreneurship 30 is a five-lesson resource that takes high school students on a journey of understanding co-operatives, identifying unmet needs in their community, and exploring how co-operative businesses can be developed to fulfill these needs. Using participatory teaching methods, students learn the values and principles fundamental to co-operatives, identify their community’s needs and assets and create and pitch their own co-operative business idea to fulfill the identified needs. Also included are teacher background information, step-by-step lesson procedures, appendices to enhance learning, and a marking rubric. The resource is designed specifically to meet the learning objectives for Module 5 of Saskatchewan’s Entrepreneurship 30 curriculum but could be easily more widely applicable to other school settings. As well, its first two lessons can be used to fulfill the co-operative-associated objectives of Social Studies 30.


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Type: Curriculum/teacher package (PDF)

Source / Author: Saskatchewan Co-operative Association and the Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

Date: 2015

Language: English

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