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This learning path contains information about the process of starting up a worker-owned cooperative. The introductory materials explain the basics of what a worker cooperative is, what their benefits are, and how to start the process of setting one up. The advanced materials provide more detailed information on particular topics like internal capital accounts and drafting bylaws.


Course Curriculum

What Is a Worker Cooperative? FREE 00:08:00
Own the Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time FREE 00:22:00
Co-ops 101: A Guide to Starting a Cooperative FREE 00:18:00
The Replication of Arizmendi Bakery: A Model of the Democractic Worker Cooperative Movement FREE 00:28:00
Steps to Starting a Worker Co-op FREE 03:00:00
Steps to Starting a Cooperative FREE 01:30:00
Starting a Worker Co-op FREE 01:30:00
A Technology Freelancer’s Guide To Starting a Worker Cooperative FREE 02:30:00
How to Start and Manage a Worker-Owned Home Care Cooperative FREE 01:15:00
Think Outside the Boss: How to Create a Worker-Owned Business FREE 09:00:00
Advanced Resources
Legal Entity Options for Worker Cooperatives FREE 00:15:00
Worker Cooperatives: Case Studies, Key Criteria & Best Practices FREE 00:35:00
Business Model Canvas FREE 00:05:00
Using the Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise Design FREE 02:00:00
Pro-forma Template – financial assessment FREE 00:30:00
28 Questions to Consider Before Meeting With a Lawyer FREE 00:05:00
Incubating A Worker Cooperative On A Shoestring With Time Banks FREE 00:20:00
Raising Capital for Cooperatives FREE 01:00:00
The Framework for Democratic Control: Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws FREE 01:05:00
Internal Capital Accounts: an Illustrated Guide to the Internal Capital Account System for Worker Co-operatives FREE 02:35:00
Designing Effective Systems of Evaluation and Accountability in Worker Cooperatives FREE 02:45:00
Why Some Worker Co-ops Succeed While Others Fail FREE 00:50:00
Your Business Plan FREE 01:00:00
Worker Co-ops: FAQs about Employment Status FREE 00:15:00
A Learning and Training Tool for Understanding Worker Cooperative Finances FREE 01:00:00
Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale FREE 01:48:00
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