Center for Popular Econmics: People and Planet over Profit Summer Institute

july, 2018

29julalldayCenter for Popular Econmics: People and Planet over Profit Summer Institute


Event Details

(From their newsletter; included retrospectively as a flag for next year)

CPE’s popular economics education has never been more timely and necessary. The reactionary surge of recent years presents an urgent challenge for those struggling for justice across the globe: increasingly repressive authoritarian governments, demagogues using scapegoating and divide-and-conquer tactics, and regressive economic agendas. This all follows decades of rising inequality, environmental destruction, and militarism brought on by neoliberal policies.

Neoliberal capitalism and its crises have deep and complex roots. Our 2018 Summer InstitutePeople and Planet over Profit: Understanding Capitalism and Building Economic Democracy – will offer economic tools for understanding and tackling these roots, and for building a just, equitable, sustainable, and democratic economy.

Lack of money should not be a barrier to participation in the Summer Institute,
but we need your help to make that happen:

please support our Summer Institute Scholarship Fund!

The institute will address such topics as “free” trade agreements and international finance, corporate power, economic and military imperialism, and global environmental justice. We will also explore existing and proposed alternatives for  more democratic economic institutions, fairer trade and migration systems, and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. Our analysis takes us beyond harmful myths and tropes – like from the notion that jobs come at the expense of the environment, and to the idea that hierarchy and inequality are necessary parts of a successful economic system – to help us move toward broad-based solidarity between diverse groups and beyond national boundaries.


July 29 (Sunday) - August 4 (Saturday)


Amherst College, Massachusetts