Here you will find several curated learning paths, some focused on a particular topic, like employee on-boarding or inclusion, and some intended for a particular audience, like co-op developers, or educators in the college and university programs. Each learning path is designed to help someone self-teach to increase their awareness, knowledge or skills OR for someone in an educator role to gather materials to use in the teaching of others. We hope this makes learning in the cooperative realm easier and more enjoyable.

In addition to the learning paths, you’ll also find a compendium of online resource libraries from cooperative organizations across North America and Puerto Rico, as well as a cooperative news feed to keep you current on conferences, webinars, publications and other educational news for cooperators. There is so much already out there that is worth checking out, but the web is a noisy place and this site is here to help cut the noise and take you to some of the co-op system’s best content.

Please comment, send in resources and news (maybe we missed something awesome that should be shared), join the conversation, share this with others who could benefit. Stay tuned for the next phase with webinars, new content and practitioner dialogue.