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The Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE) has stewarded the development of this project along with partners Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) that specializes in community mobilization, and the TESA Collective (Toolbox for Education and Social Action). ACE has been in existence since the 1950s to connect educators in Canada, United States and the Caribbean. Face to face meetings are still so important to the cooperative system, but we wanted to generate an online space that supports education throughout the year, and not just when we have the pleasure of meeting annually. 200+ partners and participant organizations helped in creating this curated space for co-op education resources, helping educators and learners alike on their customized learning path.

Thank you to the CHS Foundation, 2016 and 2017 Cooperative Education Grants Programs, for support. The CHS Foundation is the major giving entity of CHS Inc., a leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company. As a part of the CHS stewardship focus, the CHS Foundation is committed to investing in the future through education and leadership development. Thank you, also, to the work of many volunteers who are dedicated to connecting movement builders with the necessary information, education and networks to make our societies, economies and world work so much better.

We would like to acknowledge the work of the following folks who helped steward this project:

Erin Hancock, Consultant and Project Manager

Josh Davis, Grassroots Economic Organizing

David Morgan, Formerly with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action

Darya Marchenkova, Formerly with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action

Amanda Solmes, Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation/Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

Kiyomi de Zoysa, NASCO Board Member and Consultant

Julien Geremie, ACE and Conseil de la Cooperation de l’Ontario

Catherine Chamberlain, Volunteer, CL Chamberlain Communication

Kim deLallo, Volunteer

Jessica Gordon-Nembhard,  ACE Board Member and City University of New York (John Jay College)

Itamar Rodriguez Santos, Seguros Multiples

Oscar C. Colon Rivera, Seguros Multiples

If you love what is being offered through this network, we invite your participation. Donations make a huge difference as we continue to add more learning paths and update the website. As a 501c3, we can issue charitable receipts upon request as well. Please donate here.

Alternatively, we welcome contributions of time. Organizational partners or new volunteers can help with communications and curating new content. Step forward here.

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