Co-op Creator – Navigator tool for starting a co-op (Co-operatives First)

Before we jump into telling you about this awesome website, we wanted to remind you of things found right here on the website you’re on now ( If you want to start a co-op, let us suggest to start at the learning path where our team of volunteers (all die-hard co-op geeks) curated a collection of materials to help take all self-learners from where they are to a stronger fluency and confidence in starting co-ops – check out our 3 collections on this topic here:

Now, let’s jump into the Co-op Creator. This is a great site developed by Co-operatives First (based in the Prairies in Canada) and funded by an agricultural co-op, who does a ton of work to support both awareness about co-operatives to the average person and also strives to play a role in growing the co-op economy. Great goals! So, they built this site that suggests a straightforward pathway through the co-op development process – aiming to give information and templates, as well as clarity on what they suggest to be a logical way to put one foot in front of the other. Starting anything can be a complicated process, so turning it into a road map with info along the way seems like a pretty genius idea. And, it’s free! So take a look here:

October 13, 2020