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This page contains resources and materials about cooperatives pertaining to agriculture, agricultural producers and the wider landscape.



Course Curriculum

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives: News and Resources FREE 00:10:00
Co-ops 101: An Introduction to Cooperatives FREE 04:00:00
Agricultural Cooperatives in the 21st Centrury FREE 03:00:00
Agricultural Cooperative Statistics FREE 06:00:00
Co-op Essentials: What They Are and the Role of Members, Directors, Managers and Employees FREE 02:00:00
Listing of Agricultural Co-operatives FREE 00:20:00
Critical Issues for Agricultural Cooperatives FREE 00:20:00
Current Issues in Strategy for Agricultural Cooperatives FREE 00:15:00
A Life-Cycle Perspective on Governing Cooperative Enterprises in Agriculture FREE 00:20:00
Rural Cooperatives Magazine FREE 02:00:00’s Cooperatives Community of Practice FREE 01:00:00
A Study of Co-op Business Development in Wisconsin and Minnesota: Fourteen Recent Start-Ups in the Food and Agriculture Sectors FREE 00:45:00
Co-operatives: The Business of Teamwork FREE 10:00:00
Navigating Change: Consolidation Trends and Issues in Spotlight During 2017 Farmer Cooperative Conference FREE 00:25:00
Co-ops 101: How Cooperatives Differ FREE 00:06:26
Co-ops 101: Economic Benefits FREE 00:04:35
Co-ops 101: The Ownership and Governance of Cooperatives FREE 00:04:33
Agricultural Business Mangement: A Roadmap and Resource Guide for Farmers FREE 01:00:00
The Effects of Cooperative Competition on Member Loyalty FREE 01:20:00
Ownership and Loyalty in Agricultural Cooperatives FREE 02:55:00
Co-operative Membership Models That Empower Women FREE 03:10:00
Cooperative Conversions, Failures and Restructurings FREE 15:25:00
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